To Foster Intel Workforce Diversity, It Teams Up With Georgia Tech

To foster Intel Workforce Diversity, the computer chip maker is teaming up With Georgia Tech. It is anticipated that the Intel and Georgia Tech program will result in retaining nearly 1,000 underrepresented minority students. Last week, Pinterest announced that it is working to improve its workforce diversity and will work with Paradigm.

If the efforts of the US tech giant to increase the Intel Workforce Diversity do not bear fruit, they will continue to increase initiatives. Intel announced to invest $ 300 million for this purpose in January 2015 and now the tech giant said that it would double the referral bonus paid to an employee when he suggests a woman, a person from a minority or a veteran of the armed forces for the recruitment.

Intel said in a statement regarding Intel Workforce Diversity Initiative:

“Intel is committed to increase the diversity of our workforce. We are currently offering our employees an additional incentive to help us attract diverse qualified candidates in a competitive environment for talent. This is not the first time we have offered employees referral incentives for diverse candidates, and it’s a commonly used recruitment tool for businesses. Today, it’s one of many programs we are deploying to attract talented women and underrepresented minorities to Intel.”

Presently, women represent nearly 20% of the workforce of Semiconductor Company, while the national average is 47%. The employees from minorities, which include Latinos, blacks, veterans, etc account for Intel’s 45% of the workforce. Nearly half of the employees are white.

Renee James, Intel’s President has been the face for $300 million Intel Workforce Diversity Initiative, but she is soon going to leave the company next January to work as a CEO elsewhere. The chip maker has not committed to specific recruiting goals publicly.

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