To foster Pinterest workforce diversity, it will work with Paradigm

Yesterday, Pinterest revealed its workforce diversity numbers; and the website’s founder Evan Sharp said that the company has made “modest progress” over the last one year. To foster Pinterest workforce diversity, it will work with Paradigm, a start-up company.

Pinterest Workforce Diversity statistics revealed by the company:

According to the latest Pinterest Workforce Diversity statistics, the company has more than 600 employees. A large share of the company’s workforce is predominantly white and Asian; and male employees dominate the engineering, leadership and tech teams.

If we talk in figures around 49 percent of the employees are white; while 43 percent are Asian. Nearly 42 percent of the employees are Women. If we talk about non-tech jobs, 66 percent of the workforce account for women.

BuildUp co-founder Wayne Sutton said:

“Pinterest just laid out a road map for other tech companies to follow. Their new diversity efforts add concrete goals plus accountability from leadership, throughout the entire organization by setting an ambitious goal to hire and mentor to create a diverse workforce that will position Pinterest as a leader.”

Paradigm works with fast-growing companies to help them identify the biggest barriers to diversity. The start-up company does this through both qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify the potential patterns of disparities and biases.

Paradigm Founder and CEO Joelle Emerson told TechCrunch:

“One of the things I’m most excited about in working with Pinterest is the buy-in from senior leadership. I think it’s critical. I think it’s very hard to see any success on this if efforts are only coming from the ground up. I think grassroots efforts are excellent — they’re really important, but if you don’t have senior leaders buying in, it’s just really hard to have an impact.”

To foster Pinterest workforce diversity, the company will set goals like 30% full-time engineering jobs will be given to females, and the company will interview minimum one person from an under-represented backgrounds and one woman for every new leadership position.

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