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Gladiator Leadership takes Executive & Life Coaching Mainstream in 2016!

Gladiator-LeadershipGladiator Leadership & Coaching comprised of a father and his two sons opens business in 2016 to provide leadership and business training as well as motivational speaking and executive, life, and recovery coaching.

Kennewick, WA December 2015—Dan, Aaron, and Shawn Chavez have been working all over the country and world presenting their message of leadership and personal development to people in regions as remote (and dangerous) as Iraq and Afghanistan with profound results. Daniel Chavez, in 2015 won the top 100 John Maxwell leadership award because of his service leadership work in Afghanistan and Iraq. Aaron Chavez is a distinguished school superintendent in Washington state and Shawn is a well-known leader in concrete construction.

Their brand and message has been cultivated through years of training and experience, both of which empower them to work successfully with people and business from around the world. Professional coaching has proven its own value over the years as people using coaches and leadership training to improve performance and take their business and lives to higher levels. The Chavez family understands its role and value from both personal experience and the feedback they have received from clients all over the world.

“Being able to help inspire and guide individuals to a more purpose-driven and value-filled life is a huge blessing for us,” says Founder & CEO Aaron Chavez. “People who have never used a coach sometimes have this impression that coaching is for people who are athletes or who might already be successful. True coaching isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about helping them find the answers they already have inside of them.”

Gladiator Leadership & Coaching utilizes the John Maxwell coaching system and uses it to help others make consistent positive investment into their own life. New Years is that time of year where people make resolutions but very few are able to sustain them without help. This is where Gladiator Leadership & Coaching wants to help. People who use coaches to lose weight, become more productive, learn something new, or begin a fitness program are statistically more likely to keep with it if they have a coach. Companies are more likely to maintain positive growth when they invest in leadership programs and executive coaches. Having leadership training and coaching helps individuals attain fresh perspectives in regards to what they do and can accomplish.

“We know that what we do brings results,” says Daniel Chavez. “Coaching is about helping people perform their job and live their lives at the highest level. Many business owners and everyday people are utilizing coaches to improve their personal and business leadership because coaching ignites internal motivation to help people work and live the life they always wanted. Imagine a world where everyone had a coach who soles purpose was to help make their goals a reality.”

Gladiator Leadership & Coaching’s mission is helping individuals and businesses reach the next level of performance!

For more information visit:

Aaron D. Chavez
Kennewick, Washington, USA
or call 1(800) 410-1914

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