Gladiator Leadership Announces Corporate and Executive Team Training and Team Building Opportunities for businesses & teams around the globe!

Gladiator Leadership

Experts agree elite teams need to know how to work together at very high levels.  Gladiator Leadership & Coaching is now offering team training opportunities around the globe.

February 8, 2016 – There’s no doubt any elite business knows that their staff has to work and function together at very high levels. Businesses who have staff who work and function as one team are the ones who hit the elite business level. Understanding team members tendencies empowers staff to embrace each other’s specific talents and use this knowledge to achieve levels of success that very few businesses and teams reach.

“I’ve had many people work for me throughout my career and I truly believe in reflection what separated my best teams was the work we did behind the scenes to bond, connect, and embrace each other talents and skills,” commented Chavez, about the businesses he has lead.

“Our trainings are very, very unique because they incorporate an element of play into challenging and rigorous team building activities. Many people have commented on my creativity as a leader and I am very humbled by these observations. We work very hard to incorporate this creativity into all corporate and team trainings. We definitely leave clients with great stories and deep connections they have never had before.” Commented CEO Aaron Chavez.

According to the company, they are also happy to offer Executive coaching sessions, with Aaron & Daniel Chavez. Daniel was recently was awarded a John C. Maxwell Top 100 Leadership Award.  Daniel comes from a background as a contractor, with deep experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, where he has proven his leadership ability in some of the most dangerous and high stress situations imaginable.  The third coach at the office, is Shawn Chavez, who specializes in Recovery coaching, using his own past struggle with substance abuse and comeback story as an inspiration to his clients.

Gladiator Leadership and Coaching encourages anyone interested in making 2016 their best yet and to not hesitate to book an appointment.

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Aaron D. Chavez, CEO

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