Global Trade Becomes A Lot More Simple Thanks To ‘HowMuch’ App


The internet has changed the way global business is done. Taking it one step further is the new app ‘HowMuch’.

HowMuch-appThe HowMuch App (available for both iPhone and Android) is a simple new platform created to simplify global trade. No matter where you go, you can get your work done quickly and easily with it. Get things like quotes and information from thousands of suppliers instantly, all by clicking the free mobile app.

Some of the key features include:

  • An inquiry sending system: This allows for easy design and easy work. You can quickly post your inquires and get thousands of suppliers’ support. No more paperwork and long waits.
  • Moment & Activities: See your suppliers’ most recent updated information.
  • Chat: Chat with suppliers for quick questions about product descriptions, inventory and costs.

With the HowMuch app, you don’t need to send your inquiries to 10 or 20 suppliers and then sit around waiting for their answers. simply by sending one inquiry, thousands of suppliers will see it in same time and compete for your business.

The added Chat feature lets you then chat with your potential supplier and give the quote to you on the spot.

For additional information, visit the HowMuch site by going to:

You also can download the HowMuch App from their respective app markets by following the links below:



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