Google to end support for Wallet Card from June 30th

The search engine giant announced that it would end support for Google Wallet Card starting June 30th. Google launched its prepaid debit card service back in November 2013, which lets you pay for things online and in person using your Wallet balance at any retailer that accepted MasterCard. It also lets users withdraw money from ATMs.

Recently, Google sent email to its Wallet Card owners. In the mail, the search giant mentioned that it’s ending support for Wallet Card because it wants to focus on making sending and receiving money with the Google Wallet app easier than ever.

Google ending support for Wallet Card from June 30th
Google ending support for Wallet Card from June 30

After May 1, 2016; Wallet Card owners will no longer be able to add money to it. Transactions made after June 30 will no longer be processed. Moreover, Android Pay will also not accept Wallet Card payments.

How will this affect your Wallet Balance?

Well, if your card has balance, you can still use it to make purchases on Google Play and send money to friends and family. You’re also given the option to transfer the remaining balance to your bank account.

If you’ve Google Wallet debit cards, you may be in search for a replacement for it. Google recommended:

“If you’re interested in finding a replacement for your Wallet Card, both American Express and Simple offer debit accounts with similar features, including a card. Plus, we’ve teamed up with them so that Wallet Card users will get an added bonus after signing up.”

Google is ending support for Wallet Card, but it’ll continue to develop new features in the Google Wallet app.

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