FBI promises to help the US law agencies to unlock encrypted devices

After cracking the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooters, the FBI promises to help the US law agencies to unlock encrypted devices in criminal cases. It’s not clear what method the federal agency is planning to use to unlock phones, tablets and media players confiscated as evidence.

FBI promises to help the US law agencies to unlock encrypted devices
FBI will help the US law agencies to unlock iPhones

The FBI said in a letter to the US law agencies that it understood the challenges of suspected criminals ‘Going Dark’ and will provide assistance to sort this problem. The FBI used the metaphor “going dark” to describe the inability of the local law authorities to read messages and tap communications of the suspected criminals.

The FBI said in the letter:

“As has been our longstanding policy, the FBI will of course consider any tool that might be helpful to our partners. Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to help you consistent with our legal and policy constraints.”

The letter by the Federal agency has been sent just days after it officially dropped its legal action against Apple. The Cupertino based company refused to create a software workaround for the FBI as it would weaken the security of all modern iPhones and iPads.

The federal agency is said to have found an outside party, an Israeli security firm Cellebrite, which cracked the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooters. A few days ago, the FBI also agreed to crack iPhone and iPad involved in Arkansas homicide using the newfound solution.

Last week, Advocacy group – Fight for the Future said in a statement:

“If the FBI really cares about public safety, they must disclose the vulnerability they used to Apple to prevent criminals, hackers, and terrorists from exploiting the same security flaw and using it to do harm.”

Let’s see if the FBI is able to help the local law authorities in unlocking iPhones and other encrypted devices.

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