Google is hunting for an SEO Expert. Does it really need one?

Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine both on desktop and mobile devices worldwide. Now, we got to know that Google is hunting for an SEO Expert to help improve its rankings. The question is does it really need one?

The search engine giant wants to bring more organic traffic to its library of websites and end the speculations that the company is manipulating it’s algorithm to help boost the ranking of its own library of websites and its partners at the cost of others.

Google is hunting for an SEO Expert and here is the job description:

“As a Program Manager for Technical SEO, you will work with cross-functional teams across Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Engineering and more to help drive organic traffic and business growth. You will take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene and define web architecture for international websites.”

According to the sources, this SEO Expert will particularly work with the Cloud Web Development and Google Cloud Platform Marketing team as the “Cloud SEO program manager”. Also, the perks of working with the search engine giant are well known like free gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinners, massages as rewards, the ability to bring your pets to work and lot more.

What can be the possible reasons that Google is hunting for an SEO Expert?

According to a report by Gadgets.ndtv, Google is presently confronting antitrust allegations in Europe as companies like Expedia and Yelp are accusing the search engine giant for manipulating results to favor its own services. Gadgets.ndtv thinks that Google is hunting for an SEO Expert because it wants to indicate that it remains impartial with its SEO efforts and not give biased results to its own partners.

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