Google Purges Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

Google has decided to purge their browser Chrome of bad extensions. Google sites are full of malicious add-ons as per research. These malicious add-ons are responsible for stealing valuable data. A study which analyzed more than 100 million visits led to the conclusion of Google taking care of more than 200 bad extensions.

The functions and features are added by the extensions but there are many extensions with hidden agendas and cause a lot of trouble to people. The recent research detected malicious software which was available for every browser; these findings will be published in May after the research is complete.

Initial research tells us the 5% of people who use Google Chrome come across some kind of malicious software through an extension. Out of these victims, 1/3rd have more than 4 bad extensions on their browser. According to Google, this is a difficult problem to deal with because there are some extensions that are easy to spot while others are very difficult to identify.

Google is determined to pin down all the bad extensions but even though Google has a complete understanding of the issue, sometimes the malicious softwares are created to bypass security. A recent problem was stealing bitcoins, and there are many malicious extensions that can steal valuable data and then steal bitcoins.

Google has acted swiftly by deleting 192 malicious extensions from it Chrome browser. A study suggests that about 14 million people have been affected into using these extensions.

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