Flexible Aluminum Battery: Inexpensive and Fast Charging

New Rechargeable Aluminum Battery

Scientists have made a new battery which is made with flexible aluminum battery. This is a prototype which is basically a pouch. It contains graphite foam for one electrode and an aluminum electrode while being surrounded by liquid salt.

The device is safe and can recharge in less than a minute and is very robust. Compared with lithium batteries, this one only delivers half the voltage. Scientists say that this new device has many benefits when compared with lithium ion batteries but the device is at an early stage.

The developers have made a rechargeable aluminum battery which may be a strong candidate to replace traditional batteries such as lithium and alkaline batteries. Scientists say that lithium and alkaline batteries are bad for the environment and are also sometimes dangerous.

The battery will not catch fire, the developers say that you can drill through the battery and it won’t burst into flames like lithium and alkaline batteries. The battery is light weight and is not expensive. This kind of product was in the pipeline for many years but a proper product was not yielded.

The key for engineers was the choice in material, positive electrode (the cathode) to go with aluminum for the negative electrode (or anode). Graphite – a form of carbon in which the atoms form thin, flat sheets – turned out to deliver very good performance, while also being similarly lightweight, cheap and widely available. The battery has performed well up till now and the developers are confident that this battery will change the game.

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