Google: To Venture in Wireless Service Business Industry

Google: To Venture in Wireless Service Business Industry

Google is known to be one of the best agents of change today. However, the company is now planning to be even better than what they are now. Google has finally ventured into the wireless service business through its Project Fi. Project Fi is a promising project of Google. It has broad and great implications for the company itself, for the industry the project is about to become a part of and of course, for the consumers who will be using the said service.

Google will be working together with T-Mobile and Sprint to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO. This brand new phone wireless service has a lot of promising features. One of its promises is the leverage of the strongest possible network that is based on the location of the consumer. It is also said that it will have the capacity to automatically switch from one network to another one if needed.

Google will be facing competition against the dominant US carriers known as the Verizon and AT&T. Though it is true that the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint is still far behind the two most dominant carriers in the US, with the added power of Google, many people are still looking forward to witness the success of Google’s Project Fi. Will it be another success story for Google or not? That is yet to find out.

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