Microsoft Band: To Offer Better Features to Bikers

Microsoft Band: To Offer Better Features to Bikers

Bikers will definitely be amused with the Microsoft Band as it will become more useful for them. Just this Wednesday, Redmond made an announcement that the company’ wrist-worn activity tracker product will be working with two of the most popular bike apps, namely the Strav app and the MapMyRide app, in the future.

If you visit the blog of Microsoft Devices, you will see a post that states that this 23rd of April 2015, customers of Microsoft Band will have the privilege to wear the device every single time they go on a ride and use this device to share routes with other bikers using the same app and to compare their performance with other riders. This brand new integration comes after Microsoft added the feature Bike Tile in February 2015. This newly added Bike Tile lets the owner of the Microsoft Band to track their rides and to chart their speed, GPS, elevation, heart rate and recovery.

Aside from the ones stated earlier, Microsoft also announced that there will be more addition to the product. Sooner or later, we can expect this Microsoft Health app to let us track even our daily steps and calorie burn with the use of the sensors that are already built into your smartphone. For sure, many health enthusiasts will be enticed to buy this product.

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