Google unleashes “Purchases on Google,” which is basically a Buy Button

At a press event in New York, Google unleashes Purchases on Google, a new feature which is basically a Buy Button. It will allow users to buy items directly from mobile search ads. The feature, called Purchases on Google will use the financial information that has already been stored with Google to complete the sales.

How will Google’s buy button work?

The search engine giant said that it is testing out the Buy button with a few retailers and will soon launch it for more consumers. The consumers will see a “buy button” in some specific Google mobile search results. If the user clicks that button, it would take the user to a page hosted by Google where he or she can purchase the item which was advertised, and the page will have the branding of the merchant.

Jonathan Alferness, Google Shopping’s Vice President of product management wrote “Fewer people wait to head to the mall on Saturday to go shopping. Shopping now happens anytime and anywhere.”

Google said in a blog post that along with the ads that will be shown in search results, consumers would also get additional information regarding the ratings and availability of product at nearby stores. Starting from this month, the additional information will be available on Google Chrome for Android, and in the coming months the support will also come for iOS users. Purchases on Google feature will also be able to access users browsing history to show if the price of a product has fallen, for which he or she has searched before.

Google’s move to add Purchases on Google feature is its latest step to facilitate mobile purchases. Recently, Pinterest also said that it would add a new button that would allow the users to purchase directly from the app. Facebook has also been testing a similar buy button in ads showing up in its social network.

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