Google’s Antitrust Case in EU Compared to Microsoft

Google’s Antitrust Case in EU Compared to Microsoft

Critics expect that the European Union’s antitrust case against Google is going to draw comparison to the prosecution of Microsoft, which has been ongoing for years and in which the regulators from both the sides of the Atlantic pursued the giant software company for its alleged anticompetitive behavior.

However, the European Union’s competition commissioner might not find this comparison between the two companies flattering. With over the decade, those theories supporting the case versus the software giant have all fallen apart and that the people behind the company might be able to suggest a skepticism reason about the fight of the EU against Google that the technology marketplace is unpredictable and fluid. Those giants that look unbeatable now could break in ways unthinkable and without government help.

On April 15, the competition commissioner attended the news conference in Brussels on Wednesday, and fellow ministers rode bicycles in order to meet her in Copenhagen (2011).

Despite scrutiny by regulators in the European Union, Google continues to show its products and services in search results.

Executive director of the International Center for Law and Economics, Geoffrey A. Manne said that in the Microsoft case, if they would have just waited a while, then the problems they had through they had seen would have disappeared because consumer behavior, technology and demand in the market had changed enough to correct those issues.

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