Hassle free trimming and sharing of videos comes with the GoPro app updates

There are numerous video services available on the Internet that allows you to share videos that are short and sweet such as Instagram and Vine. On these video sharing platforms the length of videos is limited. Now with the GoPro app updates, you can trim and share videos without any hassle on Vine and Instagram.

GoPro app updates

GoPro said in a statement regarding the updates:

“To focus on the run, the set wave, the trail in front of you, typically you would just press record and allow the GoPro to catch everything. However, if you caught some epic content during that session, you may want to set it aside or share it to the world as soon as you stop recording.”

With the GoPro app updates along with their camera updates comes a new feature that will let you trim your videos at the touch of a button. This can be done via the Trim button, which can now be found in the GoPro app and camera and you can easily trim videos down to 30 seconds, 15 seconds or 5 seconds and share them directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

GoPro App Trimming Compatibility:

• “All Wi-Fi enabled GoPros”
• “Compatible with videos captured in select modes only”
• “Compatible with iOS 8 or later and Android version 4.3 or later”

According to GoPro, these features will only be available on the HERO4 Silver, HERO4 Black with LCD BacPac and HERO+ LCD cameras. Until now, to trim the video you have to copy the footage to your computer, and then select the length of the video clip you want to trim, export the clip and at last upload it. With the GoPro app updates, you can directly trim and share the video clip to multiple platforms.

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