HBO Taking Action on Piracy

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HBO might cut off viewers outside the US; HBO may cut the service for paying customers who are not in their region.

People who are using software tools to view HBO shows have received emails from HBO. HBO says that they are taking this action because don’t want piracy; they have the right to broadcast shows in the US only. People living in Canada, Germany and the UK have received from HBO.

HBO has now introduced a new way by which people can watch their shows, but not through a subscription. HBO will now charge a monthly fee of $14.99. But people are still watching HBO using a variety of software like virtual private networks (VPNs), to get around the restrictions designed to stop people outside the US seeing popular shows such as Game of Thrones.

HBO costs less in some countries when compared with the price of buying a native cable TV company. HBO started sending emails this week to many people, especially those who use software (region-unlocking tricks and tools) the email message stated that these users will be cut off starting from the 21st of April. And if they are still interested in watching HBO then will need to contact them before the 21st of April.

People who did not contact HBO will not be able to watch their programs with any notice.

Netflix started taking action against VPN users last week, they changed some things in their android app and now HBO is following their lead.

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