Healthcare Tech: Today’s Innovations, Tomorrow’s Gains

Healthcare Tech: Today’s Innovations, Tomorrow’s Gains

The healthcare industry isn’t spared from the changes happening in the world of technology right now; in fact, significant changes have been made in providing better, quality healthcare to patients.

One way is using cloud-based electronic records (EHR) due to the growing patient demand on rapid access to health information.  As a reaction towards this demand, Blue Button has been created. Experts said that such cloud-based healthcare innovation provides a multitude of benefits for patients and healthcare providers because it was more agile and flexible to use.

Second is the use of patient-centric devices (including tech wearables) that have been entering the healthcare marketplace.  Any of these, according to users, have been increasing their attention and awareness of current personal data, including sleep-quality, diet and fitness.  Part of patient-centric devices introduced is the biosensors that are advanced and incorporated with clothing.

These devices signify the increasing demand for consumerization within the healthcare industry, and now they are beyond just watches and Smartphones.

Now there is also huge data analytics that provide insights about patient operations and point of care. But more importantly, these also provide stronger patient access tools.  Analytics are powerful that they give great insights and targeted patient access and outreach that makes healthcare better today.

Consequently, these major leaps in healthcare technological advancements can lower the cost but increase the quality of patient care.

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