Facial Recognition Helps US Track China’s Next ‘Island’ Moves

Facial Recognition Helps US Track China’s Next ‘Island’ Moves

Facial recognition is today’s hot topic as to whether it could help US spies spot China’s new island or not.  Recently, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency utilizes technology of facial recognition in monitoring and tracking the ‘Giant’s next strategy for militarizing a region, the Mischief Reef.

According to Robert Cardillo, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director, the Chinese had been dredging up sand and they were building those islands in marking their territory. He added that their ability to process all that coverage was going to be overwhelmed, in a recent interview.

He furthered that the agency was using broad-based change detection devices or technologies for calculating where the Chinese would be breaking ground, next.

It was a very tough place to monitor, he said, and that it was very big, broad and noisy. They had some success with modeling the tech in order to help spot areas, where changes have been made.

By building islands, the Giant was trying to claim resource- rich territories in an archipelago ‘Spratly Islands,’ that has been disputed over time of at least three nations, such as the Philippines. The said islands were China has build artificial structures were large enough to support spy plane runways and warships, according to a report.

Let’s check out more of this story and see where this technology would take the US in spying China’s next island expedition and territory building around the world.

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