How Many Emails is Too Many Emails – A Guide to Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is something every company needs. Although many believe that email marketing is no longer relevant, it is! Email marketing is thriving, even with the role which social media marketing plays in our daily lives.

Consumers love well-thought-out, personalized emails from their favorite companies and brands. Sending engaging emails to your subscribers is a powerful way to encourage additional sales, drive conversion rates up and convey your message to the people who matter.

Getting your email marketing campaign right can be tricky – it is not as easy as throwing together a quick email and sending it off to all your subscribers at once. Email marketing copy needs to be emotive, engaging, interesting and personalised to the people who will be receiving it.

Here are a few simple email marketing tips to get you off to the best start and avoid triggering the spam filter –

Have an Interesting Subject Line

This is the very first part of your email which people will see. Your subject line can make the difference between it being received and opened, ignored, or just triggering the spam filter straight away.

If you do not have an engaging subject line, your email probably won’t be opened, and this is where so many companies get it wrong. A simple and concise subject line is all you need. For example, if you are promoting a product via email, then you can use the product name, however, if you are sending out a newsletter or special offer for example, pick some key text from within the email’s body to use as the subject line.

Remember, if your subject line sounds spammy, it may get filtered.

Keep Emails Short and Simple, Too

It doesn’t matter how much a consumer likes your brand or product, they are unlikely to sit around for ten minutes reading a superfluous email. Keeping your email copy short, simple and to the point will deliver the best results.

When writing your email copy, avoid waffling on and on, and try to get to the point of your email almost immediately. Subscribers are more likely to read your email if it is something they can skim through in a few seconds to a minute, increasing the chance of you making those all-important conversions.

Don’t Send Tons of Emails

Your email marketing should be limited to one, yes one, email per day. If you start sending email after email, your subscribers are going to grow very bored, very fast, and will likely unsubscribe. Nobody appreciates email spam; it does not matter how fond of your company a subscriber is.

Try to only send emails a few times per week. If you begin to spam your subscribers, you may find that they flag it as such and popular email clients start to filter out your emails and confine them to the spam folder. This is the worst possible scenario and it will completely obliterate any email marketing campaign. Once you’re marked as spam, it’s hard to get trusted again.

Send a Variety of Emails

Your email marketing shouldn’t be used to send promotional materials only. Send a mixture of different emails such as newsletters, product updates, internal developments and special offers to keep things interesting.

Subscribers will be more inclined to open your emails if they know that not everything you send is an attempt to get them to make a purchase. This also keeps your email marketing fresh and interesting, and your subscribers wanting more. Sending typical predictable promotional content only is a sure-fire way to lose subscriber interest.

Make Good use of AI

Email marketing takes time and unless you have the finances available to employ an individual or team to manage it for you, chances are you will struggle. As a business owner, your priority should be running your business, and although email marketing does form a part of this, your efforts should be concentrated elsewhere.

Artificial intelligence and different types of automation bots have come a very long way in recent years and there are several cost-effective AI solutions which can be used to respond to emails, find targets for your marketing tactics and provide customer service through the likes of Facebook Messenger.

AI certainly has an important role to play in the future of business and the sooner you get to grips with it, the better.

It is important to run an email marketing campaign properly, however, this can be difficult for the first-time business entrepreneur who has never done it before. By applying some common sense and taking time to properly plan, create and execute powerful email marketing campaigns, you can prevent yourself from being exiled to the spam folder or losing subscribers. Although email marketing can be difficult to balance, if you research everything properly, you should have no trouble.


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


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