Email Marketing is Underrated – Here’s Why

Although social media marketing is the hot topic at the moment and is by far the world’s most popular and most used marketing method, email marketing is still very much alive and well. Unfortunately, as new forms of digital marketing have come to take over the marketing world, it has suffered a decline and is massively underrated now as a result.

Many people wrongly view email marketing as an outdated and out of touch way to reach people, though this is simply not the case. Simply put, email marketing is far from dead and if you are not using it within your marketing strategy, you are losing out on a lot of benefits which are easy to come by. Although email marketing is not as valuable as it once was, it is still something which should be included in any modern marketing campaign.

Here are five reasons you should be utilising email marketing –

It Gives you Direct Access to your Target Market

How often do you go without checking your emails? Not very long, we would imagine. In fact, you probably check your emails multiple times per day, perhaps even each time your phone buzzes. Email marketing benefits from the unique access it gives us to the pockets of consumers: as soon as somebody receives an email, they likely get a notification and check it.

Email Puts you in Control

An email list is your very own list which you control and curate, it is something you build and it is a group of people who have, in most cases, taken the decision to subscribe to you or your brand. With email marketing, you are in complete control of the creative aspects and every email delivery is diagnostic. You can market yourself or your brand on a scale which is unaffected by the email platform. You are not at the mercy of other platforms or competing for attention; your email is right there, and your customers are bound to see it.

It is Used by Billions of People

More people now than ever before are using email on a constant, daily basis, almost 3 billion people in fact. By 2020, the number of people using email is expected to exceed 3 billion and continue growing. Emails are highly interacted with too, with more than 55% of people opening emails on their smartphones, and that figure increases as the age bracket shrinks.

70% of Consumers Redeem Email Promotions

The primary method of delivering promotions and discounts is through email. Although social media is used for this purpose too, email promotions are highly targeted and are valuable because they are generally sent to previous customers. Email marketing is received by a niche group of people who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand or service, so it is no surprise that the number of people who redeem email promotions is disproportionally high in comparison to the number of people who redeem promotions through social media.

Email is Personal and Emotive

Consumers love to feel valued and email marketing is a great way to show your customers that they are. By targeting your previous customers and subscribers with highly personalized email marketing, you can build up relationships which will encourage repeat shopping. As we have already mentioned, customers and email subscribers are choosing to receive your content, they already resonate with your email marketing and your brand, so by going that extra mile to utilize email for targeted advertising or promotions can really seal the deal and encourage customers to come back for more.


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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