Intel to invest millions in Mirantis to enhance Cloud Computing capabilities

Intel chips power most servers in the world and the company has long worked with software developers to make products that could boost the sales of its own technology. Earlier this year, the chip-maker pledged to make a series of investments under an initiative called “Cloud for All.” Now, Intel to invest millions in Mirantis to help corporate data centers to achieve the kinds of benefits offered by cloud services from Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Intel to invest millions in Mirantis (nearly $75 million), which is a startup specializing in open-source cloud software – OpenStack, according to various people familiar with the deal. The US chipmaker will spend another $25 million to boost its own resources for working with the similar products. Intel has declined to name the products in order to maintain relations with other companies.

Intel to invest millions in Mirantis
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Some insights into Openstack:

For those who don’t know about Openstack, it is like many other open-source products and is available in commercial and free versions. This software is often described as a data center OS (operating system), which offers a software dashboard to companies. With Openstack, the companies can easily manage collections of networking equipment, server systems and storage devices.

Intel to invest millions in Mirantis and Alex Freedland, Mirantis co-founder and chairman said regarding it:

“The deal here is that we’re partnering with Intel to put a lot more dollars into making OpenStack enterprise-ready sooner. Intel is actually providing us with cash, so they’ve bought a co-development subscription from us… In the end, this collaboration that’s happening and Intel’s dollars, there’s nothing proprietary in it. All of that is flowing directly into open source; there’s no IP that goes to Intel. All this is community-driven, so everyone will be able to take advantage of it. ”

Intel to invest millions in Mirantis and it is not the only company to invest in it. Other investors in the latest cash injection include investors such as August Capital, Ericsson, Goldman Sachs, Insight Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures and WestSummit Capital.

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