Sony New Aerosense Drone Prototype Took Its First Flight

Last month, Sony announced that it was teaming up with Robotics firm ZMP to build a drone for business customers to do various tasks like surveying and measuring land and properties, inspecting facilities and a lot more. Now, Sony new Aerosense drone prototype taking flight and moving around was demonstrated by the company. I think soon drones will be used to deliver products and for various other purposes.

Sony new Aerosense drone prototype AS-DTO1-E:

The Sony new Aerosense drone prototype (AS-DTO1-E) uses rotating turbines to effect vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), which is quite similar to a Harrier fighter jet. This will eliminate the need for any kind of the landing strip, which will enable the aircraft to be used in areas like forests where large open spaces are not readily available. The company claims that the drone will be able to carry objects up to 22 pounds, and can fly for about two hours at an utmost speed of nearly 106 miles per hour.

Watch the video of AS-DTO1-E uploaded by the company:

Aerosense drone prototype AS-MCO1-P:

On the other hand the Sony new Aerosense drone prototype AS-MCO1-P, which is a quadcopter was also demonstrated by the company. It is much smaller and lighter than the other prototype and is equipped with a camera, navigation system and GPS. However, Aerosense has not cleared whether the DTO1-E is also loaded with the same features or not. I think the two drones will be used for different functions due to difference in their features.

Watch the video of AS-MCO1-P uploaded by the company:

Almost all major tech giants are trying to get into the drone business; companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are all testing drones. Last week, Virginia Tech conducted an FAA-authorized test, in which it used a drone to deliver medicine. The Japanese company is planning to target enterprise customers with its drones. It is expected that Aerosense will be rolling out its drone services in 2016.

What are your views regarding Sony new Aerosense drone prototype after reading the article and watching the videos? Do share it in the comments section below.

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