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Is PHP The Best Programming Language?

There are plenty of web programming languages out there, including ColdFusion, Microsoft .NET (or ASP), Java, and many others, that you probably have heard before. With all these options available, you must be wondering – so why PHP?

While it is true that most of these server-side scripting languages can deliver same types of thing, PHP still offers several advantages.

Here are some of the main positive points as to why PHP could be the best programming language:

  • PHP is Open Source – One of the reasons why PHP is still the best scripting language is because it is an open source and widely used script. Many web applications and frameworks are developed using scripts, and PHP immediately spread through those applications.
  • PHP & MySQL Combination is Great – It also works great with MySQL (which is also open source).
  • PHP is FREE to Use. There are plenty of books and online tutorials on PHP. All you have to do is purchase some PHP book and learn the basics and try to implement what you learnt, and then, you will know why PHP is the best.
  • PHP is Cost-Friendly – Hosting PHP apps are much cheaper than others, for example JSP. Most websites you see on the Internet are developed in PHP and they are available for you to use it for free. Its web server (Apache) is also free. The best database to work really well with PHP is MySQL, which is again free and open-source. As PHP has gain tremendous popularity over the years, there are also host of large companies that can host PHP based site and applications. Most other languages are a bit more specialized, and hence, it could cost more if you were developing a site or app using their technology. On the other hand, PHP is completely free of restriction to be used in whatever way you feel the need. That means there is no need for expensive servers, no expensive or ongoing licensing fees, and no expensive programming staff to keep your system alive and kicking.
  • PHP Builds MORE Interactive Apps – There are tons of libraries developed by its lovers so that you can create enhanced and interactive web-based applications on your own, at ease.
  • PHP is MORE Accessible – It is very accessible because it is free and open source. Initially, it was frustrating installing PHP manually with apache web server and MySQL. Now, with WAMPP and XAMPP, life has become very easy. There are also wonderful software products developed using PHP like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, sugarCRM, Oscommerce, and many others.
  • PHP Delivers Instant results – Another reason why PHP is best language is because you can see instant results. There is no compiling and debugging takes less time than other scripting languages.
  • PHP is Less Strict and Flexible– You do not have to declare variable types and it is very flexible scripting language compared to other languages.
  • PHP is a Scripting Language – It is a scripting language so you do not need to compile, deploy, test, and then do it again. It is very useful programming language for what we do, but larger companies might need more power and they tend to depend on C/C, but again, those are very large companies, with a lot of incoming traffic.
  • PHP is a Less Complicated Language – Because it is scripted, many complexities are thrown out of the window. PHP already comes with pre-written code, you just make the calls and have things done for you. That means you will not have to write complex algorithms yourself, which makes people easy to develop applications. In fact, it is easy and less complicated to program in PHP as compared to ASP. Other scripting languages are more complex – syntax or compilation wise. This makes PHP one of the best programming language for beginners.

When it comes to computer programming, there is a lot of ignorance. It is a losing battle trying to persuade anyone that one programming language is better than the other is. If PHP is all that you know and understand, then use it as best as you can to achieve your programming goals.

Final thoughts on Why PHP Is Best Language

Overall, PHP is a very nice language to program in.

PHP5 comes with the new OOP, so make sure to take advantage of that too. Classes, although not really object in real sense, can help organize your code.

Right now, websites are becoming more complex and smart, and hence, they require more code. Organizing code in classes can save your day, and PHP5 gave PHP a life extension.

Over to you: Have you used PHP to develop a site or web application? Do you consider PHP to be the best language? Please comment below.

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