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Why Microsoft will not attend the Tokyo Game Show this year?

Microsoft will not attend the Tokyo Game Show this year, this will not be a surprise to most of the people who know the past of Microsoft’s gaming consoles in Japan. However, the games for its consoles will still make their presence at the event.

What are the possible reasons that Microsoft will not attend the Tokyo Game Show?

Microsoft has been consistently trying to make their presence in the Japanese market with their gaming consoles, but unfortunately all their gaming consoles including the Xbox 360, the Xbox One and the OG Xbox have flopped in Japan. Actually, there are a lot of brand loyalists over there, Japanese gamers mostly stick with PlayStation and Nintendo gaming consoles.

It seems that due to the poor performance of their gaming consoles in the Japanese market, Microsoft will not attend the Tokyo Game Show. Takeshi Sensui, head of Xbox Japan also resigned last year because of the poor sales of gaming consoles in Japan. If Microsoft will have a booth of its own in the TGS, they will have to spend time and money on it, which it has no intention to waste.

Gamescom event in Germany could most probably be the next appearance of Microsoft this year because of their strong presence in the European market. Scalebound and ReCore, the upcoming video games for Xbox are also said to be showcased at Gamescom.

Microsoft will not attend the Tokyo Game Show this year, but the company hinted that it has other plans in mind. It has been speculated that the company may hold a private event of its own before TGS. So it can be assumed that the rival company Sony will dominate the show with the PlayStation 4. TGS 2015 will be held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan from September 19-20.

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