LinkedIn Taps into a New Market

LinkedIn Elevate Analytics

LinkedIn is a large social media platform for professionals with more than 350 million users. It’s a regular hangout for business professionals, news and jobs. LinkedIn is now tapping into a new segment called social media management.

The company is introducing a new mobile app that would suggest articles to its users and lets them schedule and share those links on other social media platforms, Facebook is not added in that list at the moment.

LinkedIn have planned to have Elevate by the third quarter of this year and has not revealed the prices yet. LinkedIn has already ran a private pilot with companies like Adobe, Unilever and Quintiles. These companies have helped LinkedIn to figure out the pricing and how the app will be used.

Elevate is like Hootsuite, only a much pared version which is LinkedIn-focused. Elevate lets users share their content and schedule their content in multiple platforms and networks. Elevate is very similar to Hootsuite and Buffer, and is designed for both casual users and social media professionals.

This may become a good tool for marketing professionals; it will help them stay active and see the analytics determine how well they are doing.

The interesting fact is that Elevate has an objective of appealing to employees, effectively co-opting them in the larger social media marketing effort. LinkedIn has shared some of its numbers and as predicated, the numbers a great. This may prove a good year for LinkedIn if this goes as planned.

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