Local Tech Company to Enhance BOI Security

Local Tech Company to Enhance BOI Security

A local company tries making an airport a safer place, so it demonstrates its technological capacity and skills. In the past, security at airports has been a top concern, but it has not been just taking place inside the airport during days when passengers were limiting their liquids and taking off their shoes.

BOI’s Airport Technology Administrator Bob Prahl said that perimeter security is very important for them, and that they have to keep the environment secured both internal to their facilities and external to their airfield.

In this light, BOI tested new technologies from Black Sage Technologies, a local company, which approached them in the last fall and discussed about a new system, a mobile camera that would allow them to put a camera onsite without them having to add or install any infrastructure, he added.

According to Ross Lamm, co-founder at Black Sage, they needed airport security due to the number of security breaches all over the nation. Originally, they have developed the system for watching over the animals on the road, but since then they have expanded its uses.

The new move envisions increasing airport security, which has been put under threat in the past years due to terrorism, security breaches and other relevant possible attacks. BOI has no plans of buying the towers on their own, but possibilities of making them part of a future security project can be high.

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