Make Your Home Smart With The Butterfleye Home Security Camera

All of us want to keep an eye on our sweet homes and our lovely pets when we are not around. But, everyone is not lucky enough to sit all day around and monitor it until something remarkable happens. The Butterfleye home security camera may solve some of your problem, but don’t think you can stay home all the time.

Butterfleye home security camera
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There are various smart home monitoring cameras in the market like Flir FX, Nest’s Dropcam, Simplicam and many others. Now, there is a new contender in the market named Butterfleye, a hardware startup company.

The Butterfleye home security camera can learn your routines so that it records only the important bits and notify you when it matters the most. It can be easily connected to your smartphone to keep you in touch with your sweet home.

Ben Nader, Founder and CEO of Butterfleye said:

“There is image algorithm analytics. There is audio analytics. The microphone can recognize certain sounds. For example dogs barking, kids crying. And we’re working on a glass breaking algorithm. Then on the video side we have a technology like face detect, we have a technology like pets and human detect. And learning algorithms to learn ‘oh this home has a pet. And it’s normal for a pet to move around the house and not have any alerts’.”

Key features of the Butterfleye home security camera:

One of the intriguing features of the camera by Butterfleye is: It can be operated wirelessly and the battery can last for two weeks, which is quite handy in case of power failures. Since it is operated wirelessly, you can easily move it around your house at your convenience.

Butterfleye home security camera
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The camera has an internal storage that can store up to 12 hours of 1080p video footage and the company also provides cloud storage option. The app provided by the company delivers smart notifications (twitter-like activity feed), which allows you to easily sort through the day’s events and activities. You can also monitor multiple cameras from your phone.

How much does it cost?

If you are interested in buying the Butterfleye home security camera you can pre-order it for $199 + $10 for shipping on Indiegogo and it will be shipped to your door by December, 2015. Once the campaign ends, you will have to pay around $249 to get your hands on the camera.

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