Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad will change the way you interact with the digital world

The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device called Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad debuts on Kickstarter. I know you must be thinking what the device is all about.

The Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad is powered by the company’s patented Pressure Grid technology that lets people interact with computers and programs in a whole new way. It is nearly the size of an iPad and has more than 20,000 sensors. According to the company, this TouchPad can translate the speed, power, expression and detail of touch with very high level of precision.

Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad
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How the idea of Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad came?

Co-founder and CEO of Sensel, Ilya Rosenberg said that the idea of the device came out of his frustration with the limitations of computer interfaces. According to him, the other users shared the frustration of not being able to transfer the variation of human touch to a screen via mice, keyboards and touchscreens.

Key Features of the Smart TouchPad:

This sensitive touchpad is so smart that it can detect any creative tool or object, including drum sticks and paint brushes. The company has given the option to use magnetic, flexible and customizable overlays that can turn device into the tool or instrument that the user selects.

Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad
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The sensors of Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad can sense pressure that can be translated into a high resolution image of the applied pressure. The device is programmed in such a way that it takes the images of pressure and then turns them into a list of touch locations, each with its own shape and force info.

The company has given an option for you to use various Overlays, all of which can be detected automatically, for each supported use case.

Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad Overlays
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According to the company:

“The Overlays are optional “physical apps” made of a thin, flexible layer that you can place over the device to provide a visual “map” and tactile feedback for each mode’s unique functionality. Imagine having your art tablet, music production controller, QWERTY keyboard, piano, video game controller (and anything else your mind can fathom) all in one device.”

The sensitive TouchPad works out of the box with many apps and can also be hacked (If you are a Tinkerer). You can connect the device to your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) via USB, or to your Arduino via developer cables and to your iPad via Bluetooth.

Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad can be connected with different gadgets
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How much you need to pay to back the device?

Yesterday, the Sensel Morph Smart TouchPad debuted on Kickstarter and has already met its $60,000 fundraising goal (That’s too fast). If you are interested, you can back the device at Kickstarter for $249 and according to the company it will be able to deliver the device by next June.

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