Mattress expert explains the top benefits for having natural latex bedding


LA – A natural latex mattress comes with some extra benefits many people do not know about.

Chris Abdou, owner of Mattress Professor in Los Angeles, is an expert in the bedding field. He explained some of the reasons why so many people are turning to natural latex when they find out about it.

“The first thing is that it conforms to every inch of your body for the perfect balance of comfort & support.  A spring or memory foam mattress simply can’t do that as well. The latex adjusts everywhere.  Latex provides pressure relieving ability like memory foam, but yet, is more buoyant and supportive, so you’re not just sinking into it,” he said.

Proper support means a better night’s sleep.

“Also, natural & organic latex mattress foams are created from the sap of a tree, so you don’t have to worry about constantly inhaling harmful chemicals night after night,” Mr. Abdou said.

“You can order the mattress in varying degrees of firmness’s, just like any other mattress,” he said. “You can get something that is as giving and soft as you want – all the way to one that is very firm, yet still conforms to your body.”

In general, the mattress is built in layers for firmness to give the customer exactly what they want.

It’s also cooler than many other foam-type mattresses.

“Natural latex breathes. This means it doesn’t trap moisture and heat like some other mattresses. If you’ve tried a memory foam mattress and found it to be too hot, or quickly become unhappy with the feeling of sinking into it, or unhappy with its firmness changing with the temperature, give a natural latex mattress a try,” Mr. Abdou said. “We offer a 60-day trial. If it doesn’t work, we’ll take it back and give you another one to try.”

Lastly, Mr. Abdou emphasized the longevity of natural & organic latex mattresses.  “Latex as a material and as a mattress is such a resilient, long lasting material, it can outlast other foams 10 to 1.  So you don’t have to worry about the mattress sagging and losing support.”

For more information about natural latex mattresses, visit or call (310) 445-8777.

ABOUT MATTRESS PROFESSORS – Our Mattress Professors have worked at some of the biggest retailers and manufacturers.  Our experience on the manufacturing and retail sides of the industry allows us to seek out only the best values for our customers.

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