Microsoft Cortana For Android Leaked, Unofficial Version Available for Download

Yes, that’s true. It was confirmed earlier that Cortana will be launched for Android users as well, but date was not specified. It seems someone cant keep things up to himself and so published it all over internet. We have no idea who leaked Cortana for Android at the first place but good news is that the leaked Cortana is fully functional on Android.

Some guesses are that Cortana for Android have been leaked by some tester. Since early version of Cortana for Android was released by Microsoft this July in china and United States this July. Whatever be the reason or whosoever leaked it, point is Cortana For Android is ready for Public use.


If you look at leaked Cortana for Android, you can see the its same as Windows 10’s so one can expect features to be same with the one and only latest Microsoft 10 OS. This app boast all the features you can see in other popular digital voice assitants. You can search news, ask questions, Set alarm/reminder and all other common stuffs.

According to the users from Finland who tried Cortana for Android said that this BETA version is working better than what we can find on Windows 10.

Microsoft is still silent and did not respond to this leak yet. But we can expect that Cortana for Android will be released by this software giant on their original schedule which is end of July.

If you want to try out this leaked version you can download it’s APK file here: Cortana for Android

Via: MN, ZDnet


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