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How To Quickly Start Learning jQuery

Are you new to jQuery or looking for some advanced training? We have a list of some of the best training sites on the web for learning jQuery.

jQuery is one of those programming languages that has quickly worked its way into the everyday website and had has many plugins built around it allowing developers to extend its already powerful features.

For those of you not familiar with what jQuery is, it’s a javascript library that offers a lot of pre-built and features rich options that would otherwise take a long time to try to code by hand. The goal was to let the developer write less code while doing more.

jQuery is found in most of the todays website animations and user interfaces. While providing complex operations, it can be relatively easy to implement into a website.

Learning to use jQuery might not be as complicated as learning a programming language from scratch, since a good portion of the work is done for you. Although to learn to program jQuery can take some time. Thankfully there are lots of great options to choose from.

How to learn jQuery step by step for beginners

A good number of sites that offer training in jQuery are going to teach at the beginning level. Here you will find a lot of the online training sites you might already be using or have used in the past. Here are a few that will help you get up and running fast: – Lynda has over 30 options currently that revolve around teaching jQuery. Everything from learning how to create a simple tooltip, to creating an iPad app. Lynda has great teachers and depending on what subscription level you purchase, have downloadable that you can use to follow along with while watching the video. Most of Lyndas training videos are subject based and not a start-to-finish program for teaching jQuery.

How to learn jQuery step by step – I like the way Udemy courses are set up, where you can look at a course and its laid out similar to that of a college course syllabus. Before you purchase a course, you can quickly look over the lesson plan and see how the instructor has set things up, what they plan to cover and also get feedback from current and past students on how well the class is run. Whats also great about Udemy is the forum area each course has where you can ask the instructor or talk with other students. With over 70 results for the search term jQuery, Udemy has one of the biggest collections of training videos I have found so far. – These guys take a little bot more of a “fun” approach to their training videos. Some include the instructors making jokes as the teach or interacting with puppets. Don’t let that fool you. These lessons are still professional and thorough in their training. These guys know their stuff. They have just taken a little more of a humorous approach to training, while keeping the content taught at a high-level of professionalism.

Codeacademy – Does not have training videos but instead teach using a text-based curriculum. I have not gone through their training before but have hear lots of great things about it. Some people are more visual and need videos. For the rest of us, CodeAcademy is a great solution. – Similar to CodeAcademy, CodeSchool is also text-based and I have heard wonderful things about their program. Best of all the courses are free, so why not start here and move over to the paid video training if you still feel you need something more visual. – As with any great platform, jQuerys website is one of the best resources for finding answers to any question you might have. When questions come up, consider turning to the makers of the language for help. You can also go to their “code school” area on the site and do some free training

How to learn jQuery fast! – Want to learn jQuery in 30 days? Check out the TutsPlus training page for free.

Slideshare – Is 30 days too long? How about learning jQuery in 30 minutes? I’m not sure that you will be ready to take on any advanced programming jobs after this slideshow, but it might help you get a basic understanding of the language before you dive deeper into some of these other sites. – When it’s all said and done and you start working in the language, there will always be questions that come up. If you are a programmer or coder and are not already familiar with StackOverflow, get ready to bookmark it. S.O. is one of the biggest Q&A sites for programmers. Chances are, any question you have has been asked here and if not, there will be someone who can answer it. If you do a Google search for any jQuery related issue, most likely S.O. will come up with a few results at the top or at least near the top of the search results.

While this is not a complete list of places to go online to learn jQuery, it is a good resource for anyone looking to get started. Places like forums and YouTube as well as the old school method of finding books on Amazon are great options as well.

If there are any places you have found for good jQuery training, leave me a comment below and I will be happy to consider adding it to the list.

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