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New Theories on the Formation of the Moon

Earth Collision with sister Planet Theia

Scientists think that the Moon may have been formed by the collision between an object and the Earth, the object is considered to be similar to that of the Earth. This has opened up new possibilities for new theories on the formation of the Moon.

The study is one of three published in the prestigious journal Nature.

The proto-Earth in the early stages could have been subjected to the number of large collisions with other objects. This cataclysmic affair with the objects resulted in debris that later on formed together to make the Moon.

According to scientists, a very different type of planet was involved in a collision this planet is being called an “imposter”. The planet may have had a different composition than that of the Earth but this might not be the case. New studies suggest that the composition of the planet was similar to Earth and that is why there is very little difference between Moon rocks and Earth.

Research tells us that there is a 20% chance that their theory is correct and the impact could have been between.2 proto-planets. Scientists are confident that this is the case but puts our previous ideas under a different kind of challenge. The original impact may have left a trail which has not been discovered yet; the trail could have been destroyed during the time when the Earth was bombarded by meteorites. However, the research has sparked new discussions all around the world.

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