Nokia To Return Next Year with a Bang

Nokia To Return Next Year with a Bang

You shouldn’t miss this comeback from one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia, as they have announced that they will rejoin the mobile industry next year.

Even if it has been experiencing a lot of glitches lately, sources say that they will return in 2016 with a new model. Nonetheless, other reports say that the patent library of Nokia Technologies will expire this year. When the company was sold to Microsoft for $7 billion last year, Nokia Technologies was the only one left from the trio of technologies.

Since it has missed opportunities to becoming a smartphone titan, Nokia has gone invisible especially after its downfall in 2012. Just before it closed the doors in the mobile phone industry, they have developed two products and released the Android app called Z Launcher and the Nokia N1, which was known as the first Nokia-branded Android tablet.

If we are to look back, Nokia’s precious pride was 6600. Nokia will use the same strategy on the new N1 tablet. Their device was launched last year along with a licensing agreement with Foxconn. There have been a lot of innovations but the certainty of its comeback is still under construction. We’ll probably see soon how this will all go.

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