Direct Messages Back on Twitter

Direct Messages From Our Beloved Twitter

As more and more consumers are increasingly using Twitter, the company has thought of encouraging them to use private messaging through direct message features. Surprisingly, this is one of the major overhauls made by Twitter for their followers. Previously, only people who follow each other receive or exchange messages privately.

Twitter tested direct private messaging in October 2013 but the feature was killed in a few weeks. Now, you can easily turn on this feature at the settings page. Twitter also added a prominent direct message button on the iPhone app that will encourage people to use this neglected feature. It was said that this intelligent move from Twitter came about because of Facebook’s Messenger app.

Twitter said that this additional feature can be useful among large companies and celebrities to respond among people privately without having the established connection. Direct messages or DMs can be sent among people who do not follow each other or even those who did not turn on the feature on their settings.

Their spokesperson said that these changes are made for making connections easily and directly especially among people or businesses that you care most about. This is another mark among social media where people have more access directly to others who they do not follow.

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