Nokia Lumia 840: Will It Be a Replacement to Nokia Lumia 830?

Nokia Lumia 840: Will It Be a Replacement to Nokia Lumia 830?

It has been announced that in some countries, such as India, the Nokia Lumia 830 will soon be phased out as they will no longer restock once the model is already sold out. However, there will be a replacement for this model. It is none other than the Nokia Lumia 840.

The Nokia Lumia 840 is anticipated to come with Windows 8.1 GDR3 pre-installed. It might be “surprise news” for others as it has recently been announced that Windows 10 for phones is anticipated to be released on the Nokia Lumia 940.

An unknown employee of Microsoft company said that the prototype for a mid-range device that the company will be releasing will come with better features. Some of these features are 13 to 14MP back camera, 5MP front camera, dual-SIM capabilities, 5-inch screen and a slightly modified design of Nokia Lumia 830. Another unidentified source said that though there is still no official announcement regarding what this product is, there is a chance that it will be labeled as Nokia Lumia 840.

As of the moment, there is still no news on when this Nokia Lumia 840 will be officially announced and launched. Aside from the Nokia Lumia 840, there is also a rumor that there will be another mid-range Lumia model to come. It is said that this model would sport a bigger screen than the Nokia Lumia 840.

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