Platform9 Makes It Easy to Deploy Docker Containers in Production and at Scale

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Delivers Production-Ready Kubernetes Orchestration to Docker Users

SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwired – Jun 20, 2016) – Today at DockerCon, Platform9, the company making private clouds easy, announced that it is providing support for Docker containers with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes. Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is an enterprise-ready container management platform that makes it easy to orchestrate containerized workloads, while providing mission-critical features for deploying and managing Docker containers in production and at scale. The new product is in beta and is being showcased in booth #42 at DockerCon this week in Seattle.

97385_infographic“For forward-looking organizations that are taking a containerized approach to applications for greater agility and efficiency, Kubernetes provides a powerful orchestration framework for DevOps workflows,” said Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and vice president of product at Platform9. “Platform9 Managed Kubernetes simplifies and supercharges orchestration with operational capabilities and service-level guarantees that make it quick, easy and affordable for enterprises to deploy and run containers at scale in production.”

As developers consider containers for building next-generation applications, Kubernetes is the leader among a new class of container management frameworks they consider because it provides them with features such as service discovery, load balancing and application lifecycle management. However for operators supporting mission-critical workloads, there are a host of other requirements including single sign on (SSO), role-based access control (RBAC) and multi-tenancy for policy and governance, as well as persistent storage, isolated networking, and image management. Further, uptime and stability of the deployment are critical.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Makes Container Orchestration Ops Friendly and Enterprise Ready
Platform9 Managed Kubernetes gives organizations a best-of breed orchestration framework for deployment of their containerized workloads, delivered as a “managed service” which makes it easy to install and deploy on native bare metal. Platform9 also eliminates the operational overhead of troubleshooting and managing the orchestration layer through 24/7 health monitoring and alerting, zero-touch patch management and upgrades at scale. Further, Platform9 provides enterprise-ready features for supporting mission-critical applications, including RBAC support and multi-tenancy, SSO integration, persistent storage, isolated networking and image management.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes features:

  • Managed: Users can now focus on application development without worrying about upkeep of Kubernetes because configuration, 24/7 health monitoring and alerting, troubleshooting and upgrades are all included with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.
  • Enterprise-ready:
    • RBAC support, SSO and multi-tenancy: Identity and access management is provided via compatibility with all major enterprise SSO solutions (such as AD, LDAP, Okta and others). Built-in multi-tenancy and ability to set and manage per-tenant resource quotas.
    • Persistent storage: Platform9 supports all major enterprise storage solutions (NetApp, Pure, EMC, Nimble, Ceph, Gluster and others).
    • Network integrations: Networking within and across Kubernetes Pods is enabled by integrating with all major enterprise network solutions.
    • Image management: Management and versioning of container registries allows for image standardization at the organization level and enables collaboration across dev-test and production.
  • Multi-cloud support: Organizations can build and manage cross-region or cross-cloud deployments under a common management layer with the same enterprise policies and control.
  • Easy: Anyone with basic Linux knowledge can now run Kubernetes. Any Linux-based servers (physical or virtual) can be configured to participate in Kubernetes clusters with the click of a button.

Industry-First Unified Management Across Containers and Virtual Machines (VMs)
With the rise in container adoption, IT teams now need to manage container-centric environments alongside existing virtualized data center infrastructure. Platform9 provides the industry’s first unified management interface that supports both container orchestration via Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and VM orchestration via Platform9 Managed OpenStack. With a consistent, well-integrated management framework that spans both environments, Platform9 enables organizations to choose the application framework — or combination of frameworks — that meets their needs.

Supporting Quotes

  • Brendan Burns, co-founder of the Kubernetes project, said: “It’s exciting to see the growth in the Kubernetes community to include not just users but also infrastructure startups like Platform9. It’s great to see people build infrastructure that enables users to experience the power and utility of Kubernetes with the ease of a software as a service.”
  • Udy Gold, vice president of IT operations at PubMatic, a charter Platform9 customer, said: “As a next-generation software company, we’re always looking to embrace technologies that improve our DevOps processes and make us more agile and productive. We chose Platform9 Managed Kubernetes because it helps us achieve this goal in a way that’s easy and operationally simple. It satisfies our requirements for deploying containerized applications, enables us to do rolling upgrades of these applications and manage them at scale.”

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About Platform9
Platform9’s mission is to make private clouds easy for organizations of any scale. The company’s service transforms an organization’s existing servers into an AWS-like agile, self-service on-premises cloud within minutes, enabling organizations small or large to run their private clouds efficiently, at scale, while leveraging the latest open source innovations. Powered by OpenStack and Kubernetes, the service is the industry’s first 100% cloud managed platform for KVM, VMware vSphere and Docker. Founded in 2013 by a team of early VMware engineers, Platform9 is backed by Menlo Ventures and Redpoint Ventures and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. For more information, visit:

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