Could Playing Video Games Make You Smarter In Education?

Video games are generally used for entertainment purpose because graphics is an essential component with entertainment value. We usually consider that video game players are lazy and bad at school. But the new studies prove that playing video games make the gamer to perform better in maths.

This new finding related to the effect of video games is released by Yale University. The study was conducted by Bruce Wexler, who works as a professor in this university says that the brain will be activated by playing games and can perform better in reading and math tests.

The experiment shows that video game increases problem-solving skills, brain function, reasoning capability, etc. In this modern era, there are various types of video games such as a puzzle, role-playing games, real-time strategy, etc. each of the video games has its impact on the viewers. The benefits of the various types of games are indicated and discussed below.

Puzzle game

Puzzle games mainly improve brain function and IQ. These video games indirectly provide human brains with the workout. This type of game is mainly belonging to brainteasers. It makes the brain to get indulged in deciphering the secrets of puzzles. Puzzle games including angry birds, brain age improve problem solving, memory, attention, develop IQ, etc. it also slows down the aging process of the brain.

The platforming games (moving obstacles, moving from one place to another, etc.) will improve the motor skills, and enhance reaction time. The game increases self-control, focus, and memory. The popularity of Video games is rising in modern culture and the psychologist and the researchers closely watching the impact of video games.

Role playing

Role-playing games mostly concentrate on problem-solving skills, logic, strategy, and reasoning capacity, and the same is essential for students to perform well within their classroom environments. The elder scrolls, final fantasy, mass effect are the games belong to role-playing games. In this type of game, the game player assumes the role of character role-playing games mainly focuses on dialogue options, player-driven choice, etc.

Role-playing games are more modified than any other game. It provides a unique experience to the player. The player can enhance his or her problem-solving skills and reasoning ability using this type of game. So, gaming can be considered as one among the strategies helpful for a student to unleash his or her creativity and concentration beyond curricular activities.

Real time strategy

Real-time strategy games mainly increase the ability of planning, prioritization, multi-tasking capability, etc., similar to some basic writing strategies made use by cheap essay writing service providers. Sometimes the player needs to think on their feet and it helps them throughout their life. These games include the planning to defeat the enemy or to work with the players to win. Starcraft, Age of empires are some of the games that belong to real-time strategy games.

It makes the player thing smart, think ahead, think together, etc. Those who like to spend their leisure time in a virtual reality world tend to choose view games as an integral part of their leisure time activity, and even as a hobby. The sound effect, voice actor, and music make video games more than visual media too. Elders are also the viewers of video games but they cannot spend more time on it as the children can.

In short, video games help the gamer to stimulate their brain functioning by providing with a concentration in the activity in which the gamer is deeply indulged in. When this aspect (concentration) is superimposed into the context of studies, it is evident that playing video games can create a smarter student.

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