Why Russia banned Reddit officially?

Reddit is the front page of the internet where people share almost everything, including entertainment news, technology, funny pictures, GIF’s and lot more. Russia banned Reddit officially after regulators found that an individual thread was educating people to grow “magic mushrooms.”

Russia banned Reddit officially because of a single thread

Roskomnadzor, the agency responsible for the communications, technology, information, and mass media in Russia banned Reddit officially because it contains advice on how to cultivate the narcotic plants.

This decision to ban the complete website was made after the Federal Drug Control Service in Russia decided that the website’s content was promoting talks of these substances in communities that were most likely under the subreddits r/shrooms and r/trees.

Russia officially banned Reddit

The Russian government had first asked to ban only the particular thread it found offensive, but Reddit uses HTTPS, so the only way to get rid of those threads was to ban the complete website. Vkontakte, The Russian version of Facebook, posted a Wanted: Reddit image to show its anger with the officials of Reddit.

Earlier this month, officials of Roskomnadzor published a blog post lambasting Reddit for not meeting its demands and wrote:

“We assume that the website is simply understaffed during the summer holidays, but this is no excuse to risk the entire audience.”

According to a report by Latvian-based Meduza, the culprit turned out to be a thread called “Minimal and Reliable Methods for Growing Psilocybe.”

Russia has been against pot legalization for a while now. According to a report by the Washington Times, the Russian Health Ministry predicted that “everyone [will become] a drug addict” when it was legalized in Washington D.C.

Russia banned Reddit officially and unless the Russian users take advantage of VPN to bypass the blocked websites, they will not be able to access Reddit. The other countries that have officially banned Reddit are North Korea and China.

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