Samsung Galaxy Edge Qwerty Keyboard Cover Review

This is a review for the most recent Qwerty Keyboard Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Edge 7.

Samsung Qwerty KeyboardThis is an excellent product for someone like me who is still missing the QWERTY keyboard that came with my old Sidekick phone. It snaps to the back of a thin, soft rubberized case very conveniently (which provides some nice added protection) while not in use, and doesn’t require any power or complex hookup. You can charge your phone even when the keyboard case is on either side. In addition, when you remove the keyboard case, your phone defaults back to your preferred Swype keyboard. I find this feature to be quite handy.

The only big complaint that I have is that although the keyboard case is not powered, you may assume it could work with a different phone back case. However, it doesn’t. The included back must be attached to your phone in order for it to work. I really like the case other than that and have found it to be quite useful. The keyboard case has save me a lot of hassles when it comes to typing. So over the long run it is definitely worth it.

It has a texturized back case, which has an almost leather-like soft touch to it. It features a shiny silver Samsung logo that really stands out. Therefore, if you like the Samsung brand and want to be able to show off what you have when you are using the case, then this is your opportunity to do that in style.

The keyboard softly clips to the case, due to its materials. Also, it is reversible, so you can momentarily revert to a full touch keyboard if you would like to.

I really love it. It takes me back to the days of typing using push keys on an old device.

There is a slight click to the keys. It is pretty soft, so even when the vibration function of the device doesn’t work, it might save on the battery life. However, the click is what this feature stimulates.

A backlight is the one issue that could have been addressed by Samsung. However, with battery life, adding one wouldn’t make sense. It really wouldn’t even be possible, since the same technology is used by the keyboard as what the ClearView Smart Case uses. What that means is that the “Accessory Sensor,” which is located in the lower left hand corner in the Samsung device’s internal location, is used. This is similar to how the NFC works.

Clearly, the layout of the keyboard is different from a virtual keyboard. So you will need to get used to it. However, the autocorrect still works as does the predictive dictionary and touch screen. So you won’t have to use the keyboard for navigating your phone.

This keyboard is its very own piece. Therefore, the case can technically be used with bumper protection on its own.

There isn’t a virtual keyboard underneath used by the accessory for verifying keystrokes. This is what makes it a “smart accessory.”

This keyboard may be reversed and revert back to using the virtual keyboard that is on the screen.


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