Samsung Gear VR: The Facts you Need to Know

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

The usual games have become boring, and gamers want something new. This is where Samsung Gear VR comes in. A test done by Samsung with their Virtual Reality headset showed that teens were jumping around in excitement like they have discovered fire for the first time, and the games were very basic.

The Samsung Gear VR is now what many are calling a “game changer” it is on the expensive side, at $200 but there is on stipulation, the need of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone which is around $300. So these sums up to a $500 total but does provide a captivating video and sound experience.

The experience is definitely different and people are already excited to see what lies next. The Samsung Gear VR may change the gaming scene where game developers are also excited to create games centered on it.

The games are very basic at the moment; they have developed flight games and a first person shooter. The Samsung Gear VR tracks the head movements of the user.

The Samsung Gear VR is designed not to make the user dizzy; this was the initial response of many of its users. The battery life is also good and comes with a 16GB storage card, can be upgraded to 128GB.

There is one limitation, that you cannot use the Gear on any other smartphone. Even with this limitation, the Gear still gives an immersive and exciting experience. Samsung says that this is just the beginning, the Gear will evolve further.

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