Sony Mobile to enter the drone business by teaming up with ZMP

Sony Mobile to enter the drone business by teaming up with ZMP, which is a robot manufacturer based in Tokyo. The joint venture of Sony and ZMP will be called Aerosense.

The collaboration will combine Sony’s experience in imaging and telecom, while ZMP will share its robotics technologies and driverless car technology. A 2016 drone launch is planned.

Sony said in a blog post:

“Sony’s camera, sensing, telecoms network and robotics technologies will be leveraged alongside ZMP’s automated driving and robotics technologies and business experience in industrial fields. Aerosense Inc will combine these assets and develop comprehensive solutions that meet needs including measuring, surveying, observing and inspecting. It will aim to roll out these services for enterprise customers beginning in 2016.”

The drone industry is booming these days and the product size of drones range from a tank-sized military units to wrist-worn models. Sony Mobile to enter the drone business will definitely help them to boost their revenue in the coming years.

Last week, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) also approved package delivery drone, which transported medical supplies to a Virginia medical center. It helped to reduce the delivery time from 90 to 20 minutes, if the package were to be delivered via a car then it would have taken approximately 90 minutes.

The FAA is also working to make new rules and regulations that will make commercial drones’ use in the US less restricted. Then Amazon will be able to deliver packages legally via drones.

Sony Mobile to enter the drone business, but it will not sell the drones in retail; rather they will sell the services that drones can provide to various industries such as agriculture, delivery services and some others, according to a report by Wall Street Journal.

Sony Mobile to enter the drone business by collaborating with ZMP, but this is not for the first time that Sony and ZMP have worked together. Earlier, they have worked together on a number of autonomous vehicle projects. It is expected that Aerosense will launch a drone in 2016.

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