How to spy on text messages: benefits and legalities

Have you noticed that people don’t speak to each other over the phone as much today as they did just several years ago? However, they are now talking to each other more than ever. How can this be possible? The truth is that most of us prefer texting rather than speaking to others. This is the reality of the 21st century. Let’s face it, we live in a world where text messaging is the world’s most used data service, with over 500 billion SMS sent every month.

The development of mobile messaging services is undoubtedly very convenient for a variety of reasons, but it has also brought certain problems into our lives. A whole lot more of our communications are now completely hidden, which often leads to misunderstandings in the relationship, unnecessary confusion, and sudden behavioral changes in kids; hence, the question arises of how to spy on text messages. Luckily for all of us, as the messaging technology advanced, so did the mobile tracking apps. What does it mean?

Benefits of SMS trackers

According to the most popular tracking software chosen by millions of people throughout the world (more information about it can be found at, to spy on someone’s SMS is now as easy as never before. With such an app at hand, you will be able to:

  • view the content of all text messages sent and received via the target phone;
  • read texts that have already been deleted by the phone’s owner;
  • track when each SMS was exchanged, including the exact date and time;
  • see the sender’s or the recipient’s details, including his or her number and name;
  • spy on all this information remotely, via an online control panel.

Most interestingly, these are only a few services offered by advanced mobile monitoring apps. In fact, you can get much more information about the activities that take place on the target device, including call logs, content of the messages shared via IM programs, browsing history, GPS location details, etc. In other words, whether you are a parent of a teen or tween, a concerned employer, or a loving spouse, if you know how to spy on text messages with a mobile SMS tracker, your benefits are truly impressive.

The legalities of tracking text messages of another person

The question of how to spy on text messages is usually accompanied by another question related to the legalities of such actions. Well, to track mobile activity of another person is illegal in many cases, but not always. Let’s look at several most common reasons to use monitoring software.

  • Parents. Parents of teens and tweens have full rights to spy on their kids’ text messages. Moreover, they have to do it, as the problems of cyber-bullying and sexting amongst young people are exacerbated with each passing year. Thus, if you want to protect your child online, you not only have the right to do it by using a parental control app – it is your responsibility as a parent.
  • Employers. Business owners also have legal rights to spy on their employees’ SMS. However, keep in mind that they can do it on only corporate-owned devices. To track text messages on the phones that belong to their employees is illegal and potentially criminal.
  • Spouses. In most countries, to spy on SMS, calls, and online activities of the spouse, partner, or another adult is illegal if the subject of your interest is not aware of that. Therefore, if you are going to install a monitoring app on the phone of your significant other, spend some time to check your country’s laws first. Sometimes, it is better to have an open conversation than to commit a rash act.

Now that you know how to spy on text messages of another person, as well as the benefits and legalities of such actions, you can make a deliberate decision whether to use an SMS tracker or not. Anyway, whether you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, want to prevent your kid from getting into trouble, or protect confidential corporate information, SMS tracking can be enlightening, but it can also negatively impact your relationships with other people. So, think carefully before deciding to spy on someone’s phone activities secretly.

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