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Start Your Engines! F1 2015 Drops Tomorrow

Fans of racing, real or otherwise, will be thrilled with the release of the latest version of F1’s industry leading racing game F1 2015. A wealth of options gives players the ability to make it to podium after podium with increasing levels of difficulty. Whether you’re a noob keeping an eye on your tire wear or an expert without even a HUD to guide you, this realistic racing sim has ‘winner’ written all over it.

Diehard fans of F1 will be thrilled to keep in touch with the most relevant F1 game ever. Digital updates are free and the racing calendar is set to release earlier, allowing for total immersion in the F1 world. A new game engine from Codemasters produces breathtaking realistic gameplay, all in an effort to get closer to the action.

Over 20 areas have been improved or added to increase the real-world feeling of handling an F1 car. Along with tire wear; the fuel tank, force feedback, suspension, and aerodynamics have all been improved or altered to give gamers the closest they’ve been to the victory lane yet.

Adding to the stunning level of detail is the amount of time this game asks of their players. Each race week is essentially done in full with qualifying and practice sessions a major part of your development. The whole process of a race weekend can take up to 45 minutes, which is incredible if you’re a fan of realistic racers.

The thorough campaign is excellent, as is the addition of quick race mode, time trial mode, and the ever-necessary online multiplayer. Fans of arcade racers may want to consider a different avenue if they expect a quick trip around the F1 circuit. The next step in this franchise is the most immersive racing game to hit the shelves yet.

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