Startups versus Google on Mobile Search

Startups versus Google on Mobile Search

Google is now being challenged by various startups, however, only when it comes to mobile search. Many believe that the company is very powerful and very difficult to compete against regarding its search business.

Bobby Lo, founder of a start-up called “Vurb” is into a new type of search engine designed for mobile phones, grouping apps and snippets of info for several common queries. Lo is only one of the increasing numbers of entrepreneurs who think the unthinkable – challenging Google in search.

Investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs have shed millions of dollars into search startups, believing that the internet giant is incapable of dominating search when it comes to mobile devices, unlike what Google does on personal computers. Lo, said, however, that there is still no great solution for mobile search.

Every search company takes it differently such as the Quixey, featuring a traditional-looking search box to help people find info inside apps. Moreover, URX tries to link apps, puts search in mobile messaging systems, and creates new home-screen apps using previous behavior in predicting what the user wants next, although Google has already invested in the similar concept.

John Lilly from Greylock Partners and supports the start-up Jack Mobile, said many think that Google is not perfect as 99 out of 100 would only say it is. Even if the search is not broken, it can be improved.

Google has no plans on conceding its search business as it has amassed over 30 billion “deep links”, while its engineers are continuously reimagining the company’s search for mobile phones. Startups are continually thriving to predict what users want, and what they have started are indications of early efforts.

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