Android and iOS App Developers Can Use Microsoft Windows 10 Soon

Android and iOS App Developers Can Use Microsoft Windows 10 Soon

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced its support to iOS and Android apps, allowing developers to easily bring applications to Windows 10. The new “open” culture or referred to as “universal” operating system will enable app developers to port current apps into Windows universal applications that function throughout devices.

Hong Kong and Macau Microsoft general manager, Horace Chow said the attempt is a huge breakthrough, inviting others to join the company’s new ecosystem, although the Windows 10 is still in its beta stage. The company has struggled previously, considering the Apple’s iOS and android leading the market traction, but now speeding up the culture change, despite the Windows’ lack of apps.

Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella has been adopting the open philosophy since her takeover in 2014, encouraging the company to face the reality courageously, including the free Windows 10 to device manufacturers.

The integration of Windows with equipment manufacturers will allow them to stand out from rivals, and hoping that consumers would embrace the Windows ecosystem as it is vital for the company. Aside from Microsoft’s domination of the desktop environment, the company is also hoping to gain traction from the mobile and tablet users. In March, the company also announced that it will be offering the Windows 10 for free among users who are currently using Windows 7 or earlier versions.

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