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Choose VPN: what NOT to do Have you decided to set up a VPN access to your PC to protect your anonymity? You’ve probably realized that there is an immeasurable number of sites in Canada that offer their solutions and you do not know where to turn. What is the

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The app blocks ad-tracking cookies and has a built-in ad-blocker.

Opera has launched free and unlimited VPN service to iOS on Monday, just a few weeks after introducing the same for its browser. Officially called Opera VPN, the app allows users to browse securely and view content that may otherwise be restricted, due to their location or other restrictions. Just

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VPN services have been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Users are turning to these services for several reasons, from protecting user privacy to bypassing region restrictions. A Virtual Private Network encrypts your Internet connection to keep your ISP from monitoring your browsing activity and masking your location.

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One of the most common tools people like to use to obtain anonymity online is Tor, which is a tool originally developed by the United States military so that their agents could communicate without being traced. Since then it has adapted into an organization dedicated to online privacy with a

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