Why You Need a VPN

VPN services have been becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Users are turning to these services for several reasons, from protecting user privacy to bypassing region restrictions. A Virtual Private Network encrypts your Internet connection to keep your ISP from monitoring your browsing activity and masking your location. This is especially useful for those traveling, conducting business, and streaming content while abroad.vpn

Identity Protection

The amount of cybercrimes has consistently increased over the years. With this being the case, users are turning to extra measures to protect themselves while online. This is where VPNs have become extremely useful, especially for those accessing the Internet over public Wi-Fi hotspots. Hackers and other third parties can easily access your information by obtaining your IP address.  A VPN encrypts your Internet connection and masks your IP address to ensure you remain private while online, thus preventing access to financial transactions, emails, IM, and other private matters.

Access Restricted Content

Another great reason people are using VPN services is to bypass network restrictions and censorship. Many countries, such as China, UAE, and Turkey, censor certain types of sites and services to prevent the public from accessing them. These sites vary from adult content, VOIP, Gmail, Facebook, and many more based on the country. Because the VPN provides an alternative IP, the user can choose a location from a country the site is not being restricted in.

Streaming Services

A popular use of VPNs at the moment is accessing streaming services. At times ISPs throttle your Internet connection because of streaming traffic. For those experiencing this issue, the use of VPN service has been proven to improve the streaming experience. By using a VPN, the ISP will only see encrypted traffic and has difficulty throttling the connection. The service also allows the user to access streaming content which is blocked due to geo restrictions. This is very helpful for those using streaming services like YouTube or Netflix. The VPN allows you to change your IP address and appear to be connecting to the service from a region where the content is not restricted. This is one of the best uses for the binge-watchers out there, as it gives the user access to a wider array of content to stream.

The Best Option

Choosing the perfect VPN service is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. I personally use VyprVPN as it has been proven to be one of the best VPN services out there. VyprVPN offers 3 different plan types to choose from based on your individual needs. They own and manage their own infrastructure, which allows them to deliver fast and secure connections. This is a major concern to take into account when searching for a VPN provider, as it ensures no third parties have access to your information. Furthermore, the application can be used among a variety of devices to include PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart-TV, and your router. Golden Frog also offers its proprietary Chameleon protocol which helps to defeat deep packet inspection. This is considered one of the best features to bypass restrictions for those facing challenges in China, Russia, Syria, and many other countries. Moreover, Golden Frog, the team behind VyprVPN, stands at the forefront of providing a free and open Internet to the public. Check them out here

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