Technology to Predict Driving Errors Developed

Technology to Predict Driving Errors Developed

Researchers at the Stanford and Cornell are promising new auto technology that predicts driving errors. Although many cars already have their cameras and sensors that can monitor and watch the surrounding vehicles and markings, the new system will also use a camera inside the automobile in order to monitor the driver.

Movements of the body and the head can signify changes to be made by the driver of either changing lanes or turning in the next seconds. And using the information combined with the data from the sensors outside the automobile, the computer system can predict if a driver would make a dangerous move when for instance turning left in front of an oncoming vehicle.

The driver, in this case, would be warned that he might cause a crash.

It will also use GPS data in order to warn a driver if the turn he is about to make is illegal to make at the specific time of the day.

Ashutosh Saxena and his colleagues have recorded the drivers’ video and combined it with the video looking forward from their cars as they were driving. In almost 1,200 miles of city and driving for more than two month was recorded and reviewed.

Let’s check out more of the latest on this story soon and see if this would be something really helpful to avoid car accidents and definitely help drivers become better ones, too.

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