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Three New Techs Change the Game of Devices

Gameband + Minecraft

Asus introduces an extra strong fitness tracker that is able to run longer with its 10-day battery life. This is the soon-to-be-released VivoWatch, a new wearable technology that looks more like a smart watch than a FitBit, for instance. Although not many details have been brought out, it appears to have a monochrome screen, which must be the one responsible for giving it a longer life.

More so, the latest Asus wearable comes with a stainless-steel build as well as dust and water protection and features a sleep tracker and heart rate monitor. Sources revealed that they appreciated its longer battery life and larger screen.

Part of new wearables, another is Gameband + Minecraft, which don’t work as an activity tracker but as a game wearable. It allows saving the games to it and into the cloud. Therefore, owners do not have to worry about losing their worlds. It will be able to help players keep their games both at home and anywhere they are, active.  Therefore, gamers can play anywhere, even if in their office (if they could).

Another new technology is the SodaStream machine that allows mixing cocktails, perfect for people who love to a fine drink.  It comes with a touchscreen for making a drink selection as well as a smartphone app for catering to creative drinkers looking to concoct their drinks.

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