The Report Regarding Google’s Self-Driving Cars’ Accidents

The Report Regarding Google’s Self-Driving Cars’ Accidents

It was just recently when Google announced that within over six years, their self-driving cars have only been involved in 11 minor accidents. This is considered a milestone knowing that there are only 11 minor total accidents  when the cars have already been used for more than six years now and have already been driving for over 1.7 million miles.

According to Chris Urmson, the minor accidents occurred when the car is being driven by the driver in a normal manner and while the car is self-driving. According to reports, the accidents are considered minor simply because there are only light damages to the car and no injuries to anyone at all.

The report given by Urmson came the same day as the report of Associated Press about four self-driving cars being involved in accidents in California, USA. Three out of the four cars involved are being operated and driven by Google. The other car involved is owned by Delphi, which is known to be one of US’ biggest auto industry suppliers.

Delphi released a report stating that the crash was only minor and that there are no injuries involved. The report also made it clear that the self-driving cars were not at fault.

If you are wondering whether self-driving cars are available all over the world, then you should know that as of this time, they are only being tested mainly in the cities of Nevada and California.

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